Asset inventory can help you to achieve maximum efficiency in maintaining your valuable infrastructure.

A growing area of demand for NorthStar Geomatics’ services is in the area of asset inventory. NorthStar can develop a detailed, geographic map of a wide range of assets, including street lights and signs, stormwater systems, sidewalks and more. We have the resources to conduct comprehensive field inventories, or we can develop applications and training for your in-house staff to gather the appropriate data.

Based on the specific scope of each project, we may note the condition of each asset, and the spatial relationships of various assets to one another. Results are made available in an electronic database designed to integrate with your existing asset management software; they can also be displayed in a visual format. This comprehensive data allows you to make proactive, informed decisions regarding depreciation, water management, and asset maintenance/replacement.

We begin by meeting with you to determine your information needs, and we develop project parameters to achieve those goals. You will be closely involved throughout project design and implementation.

In addition to its use in planning and budgeting processes, asset inventory is an ideal tool for public entities to achieve compliance with NPDES stormwater guidelines, and the GASB34 federal government accounting standard for capitalizing infrastructure investments.

Services include:

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