Integration of the disciplines of surveying/mapping and geographic information systems.

Whether you are working in the private or public sector, you’re under increasing pressure to do more with less. Government officials must maximize the lifespan and performance of their assets . . . improve environmental standards . . . and meet increasingly stringent federal and state requirements – all while containing costs.

Private individuals and organizations – from property owners, real estate professionals and attorneys to agricultural concerns and mining operations – rely on accurate geographic data to map existing land uses, identify construction parameters, specify utility locations/easements, and much more. The reliability of this information directly impacts the bottom line, and is vital to each project’s success.

NorthStar Geomatics has the expertise to help you meet these challenges. Our integrated approach to Geographic Information Systems, surveying/mapping, data collection, analysis and visualization brings critical information together for you in one seamless source – giving you the accurate data you need to make better decisions.

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